LED Television

Samsung uses a term LED TV (light emitting diode television) for describing LCD (liquid crystal display) TVs which utilizes LED Backlighting. LED TV is a controversial term effectively used for the advertisements between Samsung and its competitors. But the complaints of the competitors is, LED TV produces a display of 100% LEDs and which is not compromised in this. LEDs in their current form are much too large to be individual pixels on a conventional television.
In order to capture some of the hype around O-LED TVs, Samsung has chosen to brand their LED-lit range of LCD TVs but still except for the Sony XEL-1 they are not commercially available.
LED-backlit LCD TVs do differ from conventional LCD TVs in some important areas:

  1. LED televisions can produce bright image and deep blacks (doesn’t work for Edge-LED).
  2. The LED-TV can be extremely slim with Edge-LED lighting.
  3. LED televisions offer lower power consumption.
  4. Especially when RGB-LED backlighting is used, they also offer a wider colour gamut.