When the TV is on, the Traditional LCD televisions always have their backlight on. The screen must block the light by twisting the crystals to a closed position, to create black or dark areas, often resulting in a lower contrast ratio and less detail in dark areas of the picture. This is a shortcoming in LCD technology that LED TVs with local dimming are attempting to correct. The LEDs can be dimmed in dark areas of the picture, with the controlled backlighting to create darker blacks and better detail in dark scenes.
=> For contrast and black levels, Local dimming LED TV technology has a clear advantage in COLOR ACCURACY . The difference between the two technologies isn’t very significant With white LED backlights, but with RGB colored lights or a color wheel to affect the backlight color the LED TVs have an advantage in displaying realistic color.
=> Without colored LEDs or another way to affect the backlight color these two technologies are nearly equal. With colored backlighting LED TV takes the advantage

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