A question arises that is it necessary to upgrade my TV now in this new technology? In short is better to use LED technology than LCD technology because of the future technology the reasons for purchasing one out weight the reason not to. The High Definition TV has never looking good for big films.
The LED technology makes broader contrast color therefore creating deeper more authentic blacks. The LED TV has the ability to create a wider range of natural colours
because of the ability to switch itself on and off in each LED lights. When compared to any standard LCD TV the resolution is far superior, with a whopping 1920×1080p HD resolution compared to 1280×1080 on the better LCD Televisions.

Most of the LED TVs come as standard with

  • 19201080p Full HD resolution
  • Auto Motion Plus 120Hz
  • Mega and Dynamic contrast ratio
  • They support [email protected]
  • DLNA
  • Two USB 2.0 ports
  • Four HDMI ports
  • D-Sub port
  • Ethernet LAN port

In addition to the above, here are a few good reasons why LED TV’s are worth considering….

  1. In the new greener looking world, LED TV technology reduces power consumption by 40% which is a huge figure.
  2. Size – this new technology comes with attractive ultra slim design, Samsung offer an outstanding Television which stands at just 1.2 Inches thick.
  3. Auto motion allows fast moving pictures to still be displayed in amazing quality, something LCDs did not quite master.

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