LED TVs are technically a member of the LCD(liquid crystal display) TV family. The main difference between the two lies with different backlighting techniques , changes the characteristics of picture quality dramatically. LCD uses flouresent lighting from tubes to flat arrays of lights, whereas LED uses different styles of flouresent lights in traditional LCDs with different style of LED backlighting. There are LED TVs like the Sony KDL-55XBR8 (see review) that have a panel of LED lights behind the LCD panel.
The LEDs are tri-colored in Sony which can be controlled using an effect called “local dimming”. This allows darker areas of the picture to have the backlighting dimmed behind them resulting in better contrast and black levels.
The LED lights surrounding the edge of the panel make this arrangement allows for very slim depth of Luxia line of Samsung LED TV models.Without the ability to do local dimming these are functionally similar to traditional LCDs so in this article we will be comparing local dimming LED TV to traditional LCD TV.

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