LCD television can be back-lighted by LED or Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (LCD-CCFL). Here, LED is preferable whereas CCFL is commonly used in LCD panel. Television is varied based on its self-illuminating OLED, OEL or AMOLED display technologies. As per the LCD panel, LED or OLED blacklighting display has to be applied.
Based on the usage of white or RGB(Red, Green, Blue) color, various kind of backlighting techniques are preferred in LCD panel using LEDs. Such LEDs are positioned differently where LED arrays are placed behind the panel and Edge-LED lighting is placed around the inside frame of the TV along with a special light diffusion panel which is designed to spread the light.
When compared to CCFL backlight TVs, LED has more benefits such as high brightness, low power consumption and colour gamut. However, CCFL upgraded to provide new technology which includes wide colour gamut and low power consumption. Thus, the wide use of LED backlighting on LCD televisions is cost.
LED offers more benefits as per its variations. The Sony’s first commercial RGB LED backlit LCD TV (in 2004) offers a colour gamut around twice that of a conventional CCFL LCD television. Which means RGD LED arrays offers a combined light output from red, green and blue and it produces a more pure white light than a possible of single white light. Sony uses RGB LED technology continuously in BRAVIA LCD models, along with its additional features such as ‘local dimming’ which permits excellent on-screen contrast behind dark parts of a picture frame through selectively turning off the LEDs.

ZX1 BRAVIA (40-inch) has Edge LED lighting technology and it is introduced by Sony which offers thinner housings which is as thin as 9.9mm. Such Edge-LED lit LCD televisions with thinner housings also introduced by Samsung. Compared to back-lighting, Edge-LED is at risk of a loss of screen uniformity.

When compared to Plasmas and conventional LCD TVs[1], LED-backlit LCD TVs gives longer life and efficient energy. The elements like Gallium and Arsenic are used for the manufacturing of LEDs and also no mercurys are used Unlike CCFL Backlights.
LEDs can Switched ON and OFF with more quick manner like CCFL display and offers higher light output, high contrast ratios and produces deep black(LED off ) and high brightness (LEDs ON). Though proper care is must for the measurement made from pure black and pure white outputs and LEDs do not allow these outputs to be reproduced simultaneously on-screen.

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