In Samsung LED TVs video processing is free from artifacts and noise. Samsung LED HDTVs is a top performer for the auto motion plus dejudder processing, which is proved with past TV models. In addition to this Samsung added a Custom mode features for the adjustability of Blur reduction (this affects video-based sources) and Judder reduction (for film-based sources) make this one of the very best dejudder processing ever.
When compared to the premium plasmas from Panasonic and Pioneer, the Samsung A950 was reviewed last year, did score 900 lines in motion resolution tests which is same. These Samsung LED TVs delivered every line of 1080i and 1080p sources with still test-patterns, correctly deinterlacing 1080i film and video based material. Cnet reports that motion resolution tests on the reviewed UNB6000 and UNB7000 Samsung LED TVs to be between 600 and 700 lines;
Samsung LED TVs produces sharp images without any jagged diagonals in standard definition content while resolving every line in the DVD format.
The new Samsung LED TVs very well serve as big PC monitors like that of 2008 predecessor, thanks to the ‘Screen Fit’ aspect ratio mode to display a clear text while resolving every single pixel in 1920 x 1080 source, both via the set PC input as well as HDMI ports.

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